Artist Statement

The images presented here are selected from a larger body of personal work all which were photographed throughout the 50 years that followed my emigration from Transylvania to Israel (1960). My early work in this selection, especially the analog monochromes from the 60’s – 80’s are being introduced not as inventory, but rather to re-examine the presence of Universality in what they delineate. For it is not to originality that photographs owe their excellence, but to their high degree of universality. Are these images mere images of the past? Or are they not also traversed into now, still conversing through their universal language.

What does my work concern itself with?

A whole lot of things, but its crux abides in the formidable privilege of creating new expressions that illuminate the colors of mankind; bringing a meaning to each image and every experience through extreme intimacy and perpetual attentiveness derived from natural curiosity. Many of the images you will see here attempt to uncover in a modest way the joys and sorrows of our daily lives. From the beginning, in a continuous effort directed at seeing the unseen in our swirling mass of absent and present objects and subjects, I identified a space somewhere between displayed images and the state-of-mind of the viewer to be a treasured source of inspiration.

Five decades after my initial start, I noted subtle shifts in my attitude enlivened by all things modern – I revel in the circumstances gendered by the digital era giving rise to new rituals and emotions that continue to lead my devotion to this universal language called photography. I have viewed my work hundreds of times. Yet at every new glimpse like a curious child I discover a new wonder that places me at the beginning of my journey – as if encountering the original event for the first time. The charming appeal of this magical process, étre en répétition, this dynamic life enriching cycle of experience is the hidden force behind my passion for photography. Not taking them but making them. It is within these passions that my work seems most alive today, for I continually progress – therefore I am.